‘Timelessness’ | ‘Let’s say Yes!’


An international Dance, Mime, Acting (in 10 different languages) project, build around a central/key Circus video-like performance (see no.8 below), with supporting (educational) side-projects.

The whole project is created/performed/executed by Performance-Group ‘Prof. Russolo & His Noise Intoners’ and strongly influenced by the famous ‘Parade’ and ‘Triadische Ballett’ performances and the ‘presently celebrating’ early 20th century art movements (‘Dada’, ‘Bauhaus’, ‘Neoplasticism/De Stijl’, ‘Surrealism’, etc...).

Possibilities below could be linked, combined or brought in a shared context/situation

  1. ‘Theatrical-Lecture(s)’ by Prof. Russolo

    About ‘Dada’, ‘De Stijl’, other early 20th century Modernist art movements (and the remarkable change/transformation in arts going from the 19th century into the 20th) in which he, in an entertaining way, will refer (amongst other relevant background information) to sources used in the performance mentioned in (8) or other aspects of our ‘Timelessness’ project.

  2. ‘Composition-Masterclass’ by Prof. Russolo

    For Conservatory composition students.

    Compositions live executed/performed by other instrumental/vocal students of Conservatory. (Inspiration for the newly written composition for this masterclass could be techniques and musical experiments stemming from the exciting and quickly transforming musical period between 1880 and 1930).

  3. ‘Workshops’

    Educational performance projects based on the individual expertises of members of performance-group ‘Prof. Russolo & His Noise Intoners’ (Masks, Butoh, Face paint, Music/Instant Composing, Dance/Music/Acting-Improvisation, etc....). All members have a broad pedagogical experience, working with either youth or adults in educational/artistic contexts and have solid art-historical knowledge and overview.

  4. ‘Museum/indoor Performances’ in/through exhibition spaces.

    Members (Dancers/actors/mimes) of performance-group ‘Prof. Russolo & His Noise Intoners’ perform, recite, dance, move, act between the visitors and art objects of the various exhibitions in museums/galleries/art-fairs/etc.

  5. ‘Outdoor Street Performances’

    Members (Dancers/actors/mimes) of performance-group ‘Prof. Russolo & His Noise Intoners’ perform, recite, dance, move, act on the streets/squares of the centre of a city to generate publicity/attention for manifestation(s)/exhibitions/happenings/festivals/etc. This could also be combined with for instance Fanfare processions or combined with children/ participants from the workshops mentioned in (3).

  6. Happy and positive Dance-Performance/Flashmob ‘Let‘s say Yes!’

    For youth between 10 – 18 years old

    In which black and white are prominent and symbolize the collaboration of nations and the conjunction of races and cultures. Directed and rehearsed by Prof. Russolo and a few members of his performance-group. A spectacular performance with Modernist (Dog-like) masks/costumes on a large Black/White chess field with spherical sounds and swinging beats. This Dance-Performance can be executed on the street (Square) or in large indoor spaces and could be repeated at different places/buildings throughout the city.

  7. Short Film Presentation ‘Sonatine Bureaucratique, 1917’

    Especially made for and premièred at Dada/De Stijl-location ‘L’Aubette’ in Strasbourg, this Dadaist short movie shows Prof. Russolo as a funny bureaucrate and is based on the score (and Dadaist texts within the score!) of Erik Satie’s piano composition in 1917.

  8. ‘The Great Enchantment of Timelessness (Love)’

    A 40 minutes during video-clip like performance.

    Being a, for a variety of ages very accessible, multi-disciplinary piece (it successfully combines high brow and low brow elements), this is the central/key performance of Performance-group ‘Prof. Russolo & His Noise Intoners’. It is a collage based on and inspired by early-modernist art movements (‘Futurism’, ‘Dada’, ‘Bauhaus’, ‘Neoplasticism/De Stijl’, ‘Surrealism’, etc.)

    It consists of 11 fine and well designed scenes, with a powerful soundtrack and a great abundance of literary, musical, fine arts, dance/theatre quotes/references (The famous ‘Parade’ and ‘Triadische Ballett’ performances are major inspirations). It will be executed by an international (IRL/HRV/NLD/ITA/DEU/GBR) and talented group of actors/mimes/dancers.

  9. Semi-Scenic Music-Theatrical project ‘Symbion’

    For Symphony Orchestra, Dancers/Mimes and theatrical electronic instruments/machines.

    A new ambitious piece inspired by the Faust story in which Prof. Russolo, being the scientist longing for the ultimate music/sound produced by the ultimate/perfect musical (electro-acoustic) instrument, is granted eternal scientific/artistic success by a DevilWoman but paying a fatal prize. Orchestra score and Mis-en-scene is strongely influenced by the famous Futurist/Expressionist German Film ‘Metropolis’ (1924-1927).


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